7.Leah Mangino-Sylvis(non-registered)
Amy! These pictures are beautiful!!! Thank you so much!
6.Joann Drnach(non-registered)
Thanks Amy for your time . As the mother of 4 I know how rare it is . Love aunt jo
5.Amber Chambers(non-registered)
All my photos where fantastic! You are one very talented photographer! I can't wait to get up back up to my house once my baby girl is born!!
4.Johnna Donnelly(non-registered)
You are the BEST!! My only problem was trying to pick between them all because they were all amazing!! Thanks SO much:)
3.Danielle Hrycko
Loved my pictures! You're the best!
yea you! congrats on the new business!
1.Jacki Dempsey(non-registered)
You are amazing!!!!
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